Service Learning

Service Learning

The PIS vision of excellence is to cultivate a broader spectrum of global understanding and develop a sense of responsibility that goes beyond one’s own life.

Engaging as global citizens, understanding the various diversities in humanity

PIS students of all ages can participate in service-learning opportunities. In fact, many of these opportunities were suggested and initiated by students. By participating, students have been able to give to others, and to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Finding there purpose

Some programs involve providing support from a distance, others include on-site work. Whether in India or abroad, PIS students have learning that the rewards of contributing to a greater good transcends all borders.

Podar International School Service Learning Programs Include

IBPYP Pre-Primary

Green Team
Collection of clothes for the Orphanages in Mumbai
Support for Drought areas in India

Middle School

Green Team
Walkathon fundraiser
Love in a Box (Gifting Toys to the homeless Schools)

Higher Secondary school

Green Team
Compassion Without Borders
Drought Areas Project
Village Education Experience

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