Growth at Podar International School

The school environment enables everyone to pursue professional growth and personal development. As a professional learning center, we are building global communities of learners and researchers. They share data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world.

We hold conferences, partner with universities, and conduct expert-led workshops. We also offer online courses and certificate programs. These enable our teachers to pursue their passions as well as individualize student learning. Learning skills and learning content are different things and our teachers help students learn the delicate balance between these two. Our dynamic professional environment encourages exploration, risk-taking, prototyping, reflection, and sharing. It results in a vibrant culture that brings the best thinking of everyone to the surface. The results show in our advances made in the field of teaching and learning.

Eligibility Criteria

Fresh Graduates / Post Graduates from any field. Teaching experience is not essential.

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