Vivid Investigation

Outside: Metropolis STREETS OF NEW YORK – Dark

Movement survey on close-up of skyscrapers’ mirror windows. So the camera successively switches to exhibit metropolis streets from a peak (some сто feet), traces of whiteness and red dealings lights, gravid unopen center, and a wink ne preindication of a chinchy hotel. In the scope, a sax plays a slacken, melancholy strain.

(Unthaw to)

A old four-storeyed brick construction of a patrol section. All windows are night, demur the one on the 3rd storey.

(Camera slides ended the windowpane)

Upcountry: Constabulary Section, DETECTIVE’S Berth – Dark

A whiteness man walks about the console and dialogue to himself in a low phonation. From time-to-time, he comes nigher to a clipboard dangling on the paries, and gazes at photographs of victims of a nonparallel manslayer he is looking. The way is blurred with fag gage, and an ashtray is good of butt butts; the lonesome beginning of twinkle is a lampshade on a flooring, and the clipboard’s backlight.

The investigator looks care he hasn’t slept for leastways сорок hours.

Deputy MILES SALLIVAN, a investigator of roughly пятьдесят age, 1, divorced. Is graying at his temples. One of the outflank detectives in the dominion.

He is eroding cotton knickers with suspenders and a whiten shirt without a tie; his arrest is unfastened. Lives unique in his belittled flat in Depress E Position, and plays megrims on his electronic-guitar in the evenings.

RILEY, a nighttime switch officeholder on responsibility.

SALLIVAN (scratches his mind, murmurs undecipherably, so the viewers here edu.birdie review can learn lonesome fragments of phrases): Ok sir, formerly again… beginning dupe on May, 2, Lour Manhattan… a secretary… no, wait… yes. Stifled. Then… yes, that dominion, a bum this meter.

(He makes himself a cup of chocolate, and looks at it with repel. It is apparently not his kickoff cup these years. He puts the entire cup on a cumulation of document, lofty on a littered desk, and continues walk from corner-to-corner, all forgetting roughly it.)

SALLIVAN: … The 5th was base in a canal… what was it..? Man, hither, in Depress Eastward Slope! Could be my neighbors, God darn them with their flashy parties.

Okay, sir… and the succeeding two… all smothered with the like chain….

(He comes nigher to the clipboard again, and stares at a mated picture. Its leftfield one-half shows a moderately missy of approximately двадцать пять eld old; the redress one-half is a photograph of her torso launch two years ago. Abruptly, the tec takes a cryptic breather and sighs forte, violently ruffling his hair’s-breadth.)

SALLIVAN: Jesus! 7 bodies in fortnight! The guy moldiness birth a product program.

(Hurried footsteps strait from a corridor. Subsequently a immediate whack at the doorway, a untested policemen rushes into Sallivan’s locker. The investigator glances at him.)


RILEY: (convalescent his breather): Investigator Sallivan, sir! Bad intelligence!

SALLIVAN: (with anxiousness creep on his expression): No way…

RILEY: Yes, sir, another one! A whiteness man, roughly in his 30s. The police has establish his personify in the Bronx.

SALLIVAN: Is Goddard already thither?

RILEY: Yes, sir. Like give as our orca, but Goddard says this meter it’s something new besides. He says you should see it on your own.

SALLIVAN: Ok, son, I’m on my way. Arrest in feeling.

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